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Aug 12, 2018
Very happy with the quality of service I received, will be back again!
Jul 27, 2018
Slow shipping. Ordered on 4/7, arrived on 27/7. That's almost a month wait. And shipment came from Hong Kong, not Australia.

Haven't tested, but the products built quality looks fantastic. Ordered 2 units for dual motor setup, disappointed that it doesn't come with a canbus wire?

Also, products came without any form of packaging or instruction manual. Just independently wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped with a bubble wrapped envelop. I honestly would have expected better from a Australian company.

Jul 22, 2018
It has been a month and my order has not shipped yet.
Jul 22, 2018
Found this place on recommendation of a friend and was very pleased with the selection of items offered. I'm looking forward to coming back again and ordering soon, definitely has a lot of cool stuff. Highly recommend checking this place out, A+ service and thanks!
Jul 22, 2018
very happy with the service , great customer service and pricing.
Jul 17, 2018
Let’s just say I’m not happy at all! I will say customer service is good but you have to understand I waited a year for this board patiently and didn’t complain once about the delays. The day I received the board it didn’t work properly. I spent over 1,900 dollars for the board and bought extra wheels and an extra remote. Over 2,000 dollars and waited a year for Enertion to tell me the day the board arrives they want me to trouble shoot by running a diagnostic. That is unacceptable for a product that I have to fix that is malfunctioning right out of the box, especially after all the money I have spent. That is a major hassle to the customer and is something I shouldn’t be dealing with on a BRAND NEW BOARD. I will say the board looks amazing but it’s looks is not in question. The acceleration is glitchy and the braking was the same. If I was going faster it would have thrown me off. The motors act like they are receiving power surges. They engage and disengage even if you are applying even acceleration which makes the board jerk back and forth. This happens on braking too and it doesn’t matter if you’re in beginner mode or R-spec mode. I’m not sure if it was just my board but my experience on it from the 2 blocks that I rode it has been less than stellar. I don’t look to have this review published. I just want Enertion to see this and understand they need to test there boards better before sending them out. Running the boards without a load things will always seem fine. Put a person on it and things become different. I don’t own a PC and there is no support for Mac users. I had to send the Raptor off to a friend of mine who has a company that builds eskates and have him work with Enertion to try and get it fixed. Once again another major hassle but we will see what happens.
Jul 06, 2018
good pricing found exactly what I was looking for.
Jul 06, 2018
Great experience and quality service!
Jun 22, 2018
Took over a yeah to get shipped, and now they are asking for a review while,, still waiting for the board...
Jun 21, 2018
Amazing board. Awesome job guys. It was worth the wait. Love the power and smooth braking.
Jun 02, 2018
Product shipped fast, works great
Jun 02, 2018
extremely happy with my purchase!
May 21, 2018
May 05, 2018
Very fast shipping and the product works flawlessly
Apr 27, 2018
Apr 24, 2018
Product seems good. Lack of integrity and foresight in updating customers with timelines for shipping. Would be better to give more honest timelines instead of saying next month all year long.
Apr 05, 2018
Finally got the purchased product, everything OK.
Reaction time and feedback can be improved.
Apr 03, 2018
Gave the impression the goods were ready to be shipped in November 2017. Goods and support were ok. But didn't receive until end of March.
Apr 01, 2018
Apr 01, 2018
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