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Mar 14, 2019
Received the board and was pleasantly surprised with build and performance.

Pros: Good Performance and build quality.
Cons: Long wait and heavy

I still need to evaluate the board properly but everything seems pretty good.

I think a Raptor Lite would be a pretty cool idea.
Mar 11, 2019
Mar 07, 2019
Feb 19, 2019
Product is great but shipping took a while. However it was faster than expected.
Feb 19, 2019
Please add your review text
Feb 19, 2019
One board is not working. You never replied
Feb 19, 2019
Got my raptor 2.1 it’s awesome, however it was shipped with a US
Power cable not an AUS Cable so could ride it till I got a cable to charge it up fully as per the setup instructions if it had the correct cable It would be 5stars
Jan 21, 2019
Keep up the good work. I don’t have any bad comment
Jan 20, 2019
We ordered our boards over a year ago. There has been no communication for why it has taken that long to receive them. We have had to go out on our own to get any answers or just get updates on our orders. Enertion has not been proactive about communicating. Any information we know had been because we searched for it. I have heard from a friend about the update program. I didn't even know the update was an option. Even with opting in to wait for the update there has not been any commutation about time expectations or compensation for waiting this long to even get the boards. If it wasn't for the restocking fee I would have cancelled all 6 of my orders.

In the end... Communication is where the problem is. Just look at all the comments on your website. They are months to up to a year old. No updates no communication. I don't care if this is the best board in existence, the time lost and experience in waiting for them would make me never want to recommend Enertion to anyone I know. I have a group of friends that I convinced to sell their boosted boards to get the Raptor and now they all look at me like I'm an idiot for talking them out of a board that they have been waiting for almost a year to get. I have Zero to show for the time I have given to Enertion to wait for the boards.
Jan 16, 2019
Still did not try it
Jan 13, 2019
A+ the support and speed is amazing.
Jan 13, 2019
love my purchase
Jan 06, 2019
I had a really bad experience this time with enertion. A lot go things got wrong:
1) this order took again an eternity to arrive what was not such a big problem because its reasonable.
2) For not clarifying well on the website and because when I purchase the off road weals it was the only pair listed I both 3 Pais of weals for the back weals. So they are useless for me because buying another pair of front weals and pay shipping is just to much for me (Im a student and I already had to reach pretty deep into my wallet to be able to buy the board)
3) And what angers me most: I bought them with my coupons (300$) that I received because my board was late. I intentionally spend only 60$ of them for the weals to not overload you with order knowing that you just stared and don’t be a big pain in the ass for you. I had the intension to spent them on parts to fix the board in case it would break or new weeks if needed. But I found out that for some little line written somewhere the coupons you can spend them only in one go. You should say something like this when you give the coupons to someone clearly.

I know that the fault is not only yours but I feel treated unfair because I showed a lot of patient in the last year spending over 1k $ on a board for which o had to wait one year. What paid off. Your board is amaizing but after this all this story I’m really at the point where if my board brakes I wold thing 3/4 times if I buy a new Raptor or from a Boosted. You make a greate Product and I know your are small and a new business and you have to figure out a lot of thing but you can do such dig moves like giving coupons out that can be used only once. When your product is a product used by students and where the parts already cost a hell lot. You should become like apple with a grate product and a really good customer support.
Dec 31, 2018
Dec 26, 2018
Good product
Dec 22, 2018
Après tout les commentaires négatifs que j’ai lu par appart à enertion et les délais de livraison je suis impressionné d’avoir reçu mes roues après 1 mois...merci
Par contre j’ai commandé ces roues le lendemain de ma commande pour mon raptor 2.1 car je n’avais pas vu la section des accessoires. J’ai communiqué avec vous pour corriger ma commande pour que mes 2 achats soit livré en même temp et pour épargner sur le shipping se qui m’a ete refusé!
Sinon les pneus sont à la hauteur de mes attentes et j’espère que mon commentaire retardera pas la livraison de mon raptor. ;)

Ask google to read it in English or if you guys didn’t understand nothing
Dec 21, 2018
Missing iten in the box
Dec 12, 2018
Shipping was delayed half a dozen times. Received a defective product. Still haven't gotten my 100 mm crossover order. Placed order for replacement battery two weeks ago and it hasn't shipped yet. It has been a terrible experience. Not one single thing has gone right.
Dec 09, 2018
The deal was good. I got the parts on sale.
I asked to combine two orders to save on shipping, it was not allowed.
Delay in communication with customer(me) and shipping was slow. I had to contact the customer service few times to get an update on the shipping status.
I can report back once I try the parts.
Dec 08, 2018
unbelievable shipping in 3 days to Ukraine
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