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May 30, 2019
Very easy to use. I wish I bought the printed kit because I had so many forms! But still saved a heap of time. Recommended for all new brides!
May 15, 2019
It didn’t arrive yet
May 14, 2019
Please see PayPal dispute. Kit is incomplete or not able to be used to change name at providers listed. ANZ basically laughed at your letters, Vicroads was out of date, so we’re many others. Especially Telstra and the ATO. Please refund before I escalate. People pay for a bunch of useless PDFs and letterheads that’s it. Will take down review upon refund.
May 13, 2019
Made life easier as everything was done for me and anything i needed to do myself was all set out for me. I aprecciated the fact they kept contact
May 06, 2019
A brilliant service. All my forms were filled out. I got everything by email. Just had to sign a few forms and send a few emails!
Apr 22, 2019
Its a great product, makes the process simple. I particularly like the list of all the places that you need to change your name, was most helpful. The letter/email templates were handy too. The information supplied regarding the process was terrific
Apr 13, 2019
Trusted and reliable.. although the kits did not work for me because I got no idea that Im gonna having trouble to update my ID’s or to name change due to different law in philippines to australia after married.. anyway this site is the best! And thanks for understand!
Apr 09, 2019
I haven’t received my pack and would like my money back I have printed my own forms.
Apr 08, 2019
Apr 02, 2019
A great time saving service for a really good price! I received all my paperwork by email. Once I printed my letters and forms I just had to add my marriage certificate and send off. I would recommend this to anyone changing their name!
Apr 01, 2019
A little complicating, but great once downloading etc
Mar 28, 2019
Great service. Made it so much easier to change my name with the different organisations.
Mar 25, 2019
This is a really well thought out process. It was easy to create my documents and I received them by email only a few minutes later. The instructions provided to send on where very helpful. I recommend this to any bride!
Mar 23, 2019
Recommend Easy Name Change to save a lot of legwork, the kit very helpful especially in advising documentation required, letters easly downloaded and printed only need date & sign. In Tas BDM do not need to complete name change certificate if reverting to Maiden name, advise firstly have Drivers Licence updated as requested by others.
Mar 22, 2019
Mar 15, 2019
It made my life easy to have all the documents I needed to change my name,stress free thxs
Mar 15, 2019
I have not received anything from you. I am in Australia and paid via PayPal name on account is Gloria bailey
Mar 10, 2019
I was surprised by just how SIMPLE everything was!! I signed my names on a few forms and just sent on their emails! There few places that were as difficult as expected. But wow, what a time saver!! Perhaps half my weekend was salvaged.
Mar 08, 2019
Very easy to use and very convenient to have all the info in one place... such a time saver (and hassle saver), highly recommend :)
Feb 24, 2019
seriously disappointed. Have not heard from them. Money wasted in my opinion. Have heard you need to still change name by deed of poll. so what is this site for?
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Easy Name Change is quite possibly the world's best name change service. We operate in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand and have been around since 2008. We don't just provide government forms. Our service also creates ready to send letters, faxes, provides company specific forms and detailed name change procedures for all your companies. Each listed company has been contacted to have their name change procedure verified. No blank templates, no guess work and no rejected name change applications. We have teams of research assistants constantly checking forms and procedures to ensure you receive the right information or paperwork every time. If you're not happy for any reason we'll provide a full refund.
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