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I promised to make a Galleon Ship wedding cake for my son's upcoming Pirate themed wedding but didn't know where to start. So I was delighted to discover Yener's Way tutorials and have found the instructions straight forward and easily explained. Although it looks very complicated it can be broken down into small sections making it easier to get my head round. I'm feeling more confident about the task now and can't wait to get started. Many thanks Chef!

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Good afternoon! In principle, everything is very well done and set up. I am a lawyer by profession and I work as a lawyer., But I really like to make cakes. Currently, I plan to open my own small confectionery to make cakes to order. You are one of 3 masters in the world who I like (the other two are - https://www.instagram.com/rbicakes/ and https://www.instagram.com/renat_agzamov/) In view of the foregoing, I would very much like to see on your site see the strategy (recommendations) for the development of a confectionery for beginners. What kind of products (cakes) it is better to start doing for beginners. And accordingly show how to make such cakes. Also (personal wish) I would like to see more video with the production of flowers and buildings from pastilage or chocolate paste. PS. Sorry for my english. Sincerely, lawyer Zablotsko-Gorky Dmitry Alexandrovich

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The tutorial was very easy to follow. Very detailed and thorough. On this occasion styrofoam was used and I would have liked to see how to tackle the difficulties that would have arisen if a real heavy cake was used. But all in all the tips, tricks and tecquniques shown are invaluable. Your tutorials are the best there is.

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Very detailed video tutorials, but sometimes site itself is slow. travel among menus is a boring task it takes almost 5 seconds

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Have had a subscription for several years. Each tutorial is very informative and clear to understand.

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excelente!! a pesar del idioma, ya que no hablo nada de ingles, entiendo perfectamente las instrucciones y me asombra la perfeccion y los detalles tan bien cuidados de todos los trabajos un gran artista, estoy muy salisfecha con estos tutoriales, la mejor inversion de mi vida!


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The step-by-step lessons allow you to work along with the video and create your own masterpiece. The templates are an extra added touch because you have the exact tools you need to create the cake you desire. The tutorials are well-thought-out they are knowledge Pat and I like the fact that it goes slow enough that you can keep up so even a beginner can can catch on really quick.

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***update*** Received an email from Serkan Yener, and course material has since been updated with the missing page. Incomplete course material. Sent an email a week ago and no response given.

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What a wonderful resource! Loads of great ideas, tutorials, and visual aids!!

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I really enjoy watching the tutorials, Chef Yener explains as well shows you the technique. His tutorials are incredible, and I always think that I can't possibly make that, but he breaks it down into simple steps so I can do it! This is one of my favorite online learning sites.

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I am very pleased. I had technical support when i couldn’t subscribe.The Yener’s family is very polite and reaponsive. I have a subscription to other famous online schools too but you guys have an amazing way of making people feel very welcome. I can feel your passion and warmth ( not the one coming from the oven :))I have watched only a couple of tutorials but the details are very accurate and i don’t see how a person wouldn’t be able to make a perfect cake . I would love to see tutorials updated more often :) I am sure Chef Yener has alot to share from his huge experience ( yes i took time and read the impressive biography too ). I used to watch all the you tube free tutorials and eversince i am in love with his tips and tricks, methods. I have tried successfully myself the pastillage recipe and much more. Thank you very much for your generosity.


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Excellent tutorials I learn so much it’s like taking a class but from my own home, I love learning from such a skilled professional and I also love how he shows other options to produce the same result and desired effects. also showing how you can adapt what you already have around your Home to complete the same effect and purchased molds and texture mats and etc.

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Over the years I did purchase quite a few tutorials from different websites. I must say that Yeners way is the the best way so far. Each cake design looks unique and very difficult but the way Mr Yener teaches it makes those complicateted designs so easy and this boosts my confidence and I repeatedly say to myself I can do this. I'm very happy that I came across his website and learned so much from him. I do recommend people who enjoy cake decorating to purchase his tutorials 0. Big thank you to Mr Yener ????

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If you want to learn from a Master Artist, this is the website for you. Chef Serdar teaches with clever techniques and with tools you most likely already have on hand. He will show you how to create the masterpiece of your choice; and if you have some talent, can follow directions, and have patience, it will look just like his. All you have to do it look at some of the work posted by members who have purchased his courses. If you dream of creating a beautiful cake and/or cake topper and think "I can never do that", take Chef Serdar's course and see for yourself what you can achieve!