Opalina sanchez nuñez

Jun 24 2022

the tutorial is really amazing, the method really makes the elaboration seem easy, just excellent

marcia fullwood

Jun 23 2022

I purchased the piano tutorial. The information and attention to detail were amazing. I made the cake and the reactions are all superlative. Excellent tutorial. I also used the tiger tutorial with the same response to my cake.

Angeline Oh

Jun 19 2022

The instructions were detail


May 29 2022

Simple easy videos....love the preps ...so organized and easy to follow

Lyudmila Ivanova

Apr 01 2022

Very useful.

Christine Bertrand

Feb 20 2022

I have been following Yerners Way for some years now and have not found anyone who can match his knowledge and expertise. Your attention to detail is impecable!

Jayne stankiewicz

Jan 20 2022

Excellent, tutorials are very well in formed , and serda is a great teacher

Chika Chuku

Dec 24 2021

I have no access to the tutorials after several monthly payments. I have complained for days now without any resolution

Maame Sekyiwa Amoah

Nov 29 2021

Great content but when they do not reply to emails of wrong purchase or refunds which is not fair. At least the customer needs to be told something especially when there are mistakes.

Laura Hurtado

Oct 05 2021

You are the best I am amateur but I am very happy to be in your classes

Michaela Rehmke

Aug 29 2021

I love the tutorials and these helpful tips of Serdar. Thank you very much!

Paul Palmer

Aug 03 2021

I never cease to be amazed at the quality and clarity of yeners imaginative techniques, skill and teaching. Also his willingness to share this knowledge with the world can only help such a fascinating industry progress THANKS Yener !!!!

Linda Gail muse

Jul 27 2021

Love your teaching techniques


Jul 20 2021

Amazing tutoring by Yarners Way. Loads of really good tips. Very prompt in replying to any questions you have. I know that with every new cake, centerpiece or topper I will learn something new. Can not recommend this wonderful platform enough.


Jul 15 2021

we bought the galaxy cake tutorial for my grandson's birthday. Great tutorial, thank you.


Jul 14 2021

I appreciate what I have learned in the tutorials on Yerners Way. They have helped me improved my cake decorating skills. It’s been great to see how quick and responsive he is to questions from customers. I’m glad I found the website.

Diane Trett

Feb 09 2021

Excellent tutorials. Very in depth and informative. Well worth the money.

Mirna Patricia Paredes Rivera

Feb 05 2021

excelente video, muy claro. Gracias

Cristle Jasken

Jan 16 2021

I love the tutorials. Yener breaks the projects down into easy to follow instructions...and walks you through each step. He answers your questions within a timely manner. Simply put...The best online cake decorating teacher I’ve found so far. Cristle

Christine Hoerger

Jan 05 2021

It is yery helpfull and clearly.The tutorial explain all step by step. The explanations evite to make beginner mistakes.

Juanita Steward

Dec 13 2020

Exellent and Highly recommended

Vino mannathan

Dec 07 2020

Wonderful learning experience

Christine Twist

Dec 01 2020

I absolutely love the gingerbread house the tutorial is very well presented, easy to understand and the music really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Dajla Ben Mabrouk

Nov 06 2020

Very nice tutorials!

Clorinda Meintjes

Aug 31 2020

I absolutely love the tutorial and working instructions of the 3D Digger Cake. Thank you so much for a very interesting and educational website.


Jun 24 2022

This tutorial is absolutely fantastic! Very detailed, easy to follow. Very happy with this purchase. Thank you very much for sharing your excellent talent and skills with us.

S. Wimbley

Jun 21 2022

The sunflower wedding cake was found at just the right time and showed me what I needed to see for a recent sunflower wedding cake I had.

georgeana Dummar

Jun 18 2022

10 stars....

Katharina Bujak

May 12 2022

Super tutorial with excellent step by step instructions.


Mar 31 2022

It is very understandable and helpful.

Vanessa Draper

Feb 08 2022

Mr Yener is a true genius when it comes to creating pastillage masterpieces! However, what is so marvellous is that he shares his vast knowledge and skills in helpful tutorials. I am just a Nanny who loves making celebration cakes for my family. Thank you Mr Yener.

Violeta Georgieva Zapreva

Jan 12 2022

I am very glad to have access to such amazing works of art. They are explained in a way that everyone can understand how to do it and why it is better to do it that way. These tutorials, including the downloadable materials, gave me a new perspective on how to make a cake. The idea, the form, the drawing, the execution, ... down to the smallest details. There are people born to be performers and others born to be teachers. You, Mr. Yeners, are born for both. You have charisma and you radiate security and calm with the way you explain things. There is a saying in my country (Bulgaria) that the handicraft must be stolen, but you are an artist ready to share everything you know with others. I'm happy to be part of this comunity. Thank you very much!

Alev Sensoy

Dec 17 2021

I adore your talent, artistry and patience. Thank you for sharing every single secret of your artistry. Till now i subscribed many channels to learn about cake world but many chefs just keep main secrets to themselves. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us <3 Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. Hugs from Cyprus Alev

Colin Pettican

Nov 05 2021


Melissa A Simeral

Oct 01 2021

A little disappointed. Instead of cake he used styrofoam. Talks way to slow. Needs a sped up version for knowledgeable bakers. The next question asks would I recommend to friends. I don't have any.


Aug 28 2021

you are a best

June Fearn

Jul 31 2021

Very interesting understand what to do on the lesson

Sue Power

Jul 26 2021

Amazing. Great tutorials and such simple and thorough explanations so making it so easy to follow and do. I have several tutorials and love them all. Thank you Yener 🤩

Lesley Bird

Jul 17 2021

Very professional. I had an issue purchasing a tutorial and it was dealt with immediately. I am a novice/hobbyist cake decorator and thrilled to bits with the results from following the tutorials. I would never have dreamt I would be able to make such amazing cakes.


Jul 15 2021

Yener's tutorials are amazing and easy to follow


Jul 14 2021

Yener tutorial are best..he explained all in detail and create masterpiece with very easy tools that surrounded us which its so mind blowing. I am a Big Fan!! 💕

Loraine Hudson

Feb 08 2021

Every tutorial I have watched of yours is informative. Your teaching skills are tremendous. Your artwork is amazing. I am so pleased I purchased this tutorial. Now all I have to do is put it in practice thank you x Regards Loraine

Odette Perez Gutierrez

Feb 01 2021

It was a great tutorial and material!! The cake turned out very good.

Linda Davey

Jan 14 2021

What can I say. AMAZING! Loved the tutorial. The discription and instuctions are clear , well thought out and easy to follow . Yeners teaching style is filled with compassion . An excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable at his craft . Whether you are new to baking or advancing , you will definitely pick up many tips and trick along the way, making your baking experince a joyful one . Thank you Chef Yeners.

Sandra Smiley

Jan 01 2021

Such a beautiful cake topper! Sedar Yener’s instructions, as always, are so simple and clear. I love that he uses common tools and does most everything by hand, making a ton of cake tools unnecessary. I am always impressed at the steadiness of his freehand cuts, but with his excellent guidance, I believe I will be able to make a beautiful, intertwined initials cake topper! A great value! Thank you for another brilliant tutorial!

Cathie Sanders

Dec 12 2020

Although I may not ever make this exact cake, the video lessons contain information that I will use on other ones. I’m excited to try these “new to me” techniques.

Catherine simpson

Dec 07 2020

Everything is exceedingly well explained and templates are great to work from.

Victoria mansour

Nov 29 2020

Easy to follow and detailed explanations.

Juliet Kleinsmiede

Oct 22 2020

Not alway easy to navigate to actual tutorial or to specifics such as requirements/tools for each tutorial.

Sandhya shah

Aug 18 2020

Superb tutorials

Maxine MacGuire

Jun 24 2022

Breaks down a seemingly impossible design and makes it easy for a home baker. Lots of learning!

Terry A. Rademann

Jun 20 2022

These videos from Chef Yeners are exceptional and well worth the time effort and funds for anyone to review and use in any present or future cake projects. The materials are vey well organized and specific. Specific details are provided along with detailed examples plus demonstrations. Nothing is left out or to chance, I believe that anyone can learn these skills and technique to produce those "WOW" cakes for others to enjoy.

Sheetal Verma

Jun 16 2022

Very helpful content.


May 03 2022

Wow, so love the detail of this Tiger, and I am going to attempt it. The only thing missing was the size of the cake, depth & tin size, but I have now downloaded the templates, so can measure my tins. Also amount of chocolate needed. But definitely and inspiration. Thankyou Carol

Elika Ashoori

Mar 13 2022

Yener’s video tutorials are extremely detailed, thorough and educational. I’ve learned so much from them and he doesn’t leave anything out when teaching his techniques. I’ve been a member of Yener’s classes for months and the videos always teach me something new. He’s always answered my questions if I have ever faced any problems. What a generous, wonderful human being, thanks so much

Anna Kuznetsov

Feb 04 2022

I am fascinated with your work! Tutorials is well done and easy to follow!! Thank you

Rhoda Moulin

Jan 10 2022

Great tutorials. Easy to purchase. Very good member service.

Yvonne Chia

Dec 03 2021


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Oct 20 2021

Excellent tutorials easy to follow an comprehend

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Super 👍🏆🥇

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Aug 11 2021

excellent tutorials!!

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Jul 28 2021

Great instructions.

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Jul 24 2021

I love Yerner and his videos. Discovering him was definitely a game changer. I will continue to be a loyal customer and fan of his.

Walter Dickerson

Jul 17 2021

The tutorials are very detailed and easy to follow. I have purchased quite a few tutorials and am pleased with all of them.

Daniel Mikosz

Jul 15 2021

Awesome!! Could not be happier! Chef’ technique is amazing!!


Jul 14 2021

Fantastic!!! Very professional and the tutorials are easy to follow.

Grace Cooke-Thomas

Feb 06 2021

Yerners Way is amazing.  I have never seen a site with everything you need to get your business started.  The demos and the recipes are amazing.  This site keeps you up to date with techniques needed to keep you going and  provides continuous learning.

Anjannette Chandler

Jan 28 2021

Very informative, attention to detail. Love your technique, and why you did it that way... AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!, I might say, looking at your technique and how I would have done two different ways. Lol. I'm gonna do it your way, lol I just have to find pastillage. THANK YOU !!!

Sheila Kelman

Jan 14 2021

Excellent tutorial

Marie Honore-Grant

Dec 28 2020

Great class. Yener is a natural at teaching what would otherwise be considered difficult. I enjoyed learning this technique ver much.

Miriam Rafla

Dec 11 2020

Very accurate and knows what he’s doing, very experienced I enjoyed watching it

Lourdes Shea

Dec 07 2020

Can’t wait to re create some of his cakes!

Tracy McMullen

Nov 22 2020

Very detailed and explained everything. During the “concentration” (quiet) moments, I could have done without the classical music, as it was a tad distracting. It was a great tutorial!

Elyse Couture

Sep 22 2020

Love all of course good explanation, précise and a lot of nice tips

Moreen Pinto

Aug 16 2020

I LOVE it. I have to make a solar system cake and this video is going to help me tremendously step by step. HUGS! Moreen

Mia Grosul

Jun 24 2022

Perfect tutorials and classes - professional level guidance is detailed out so any level can use and benefit from it. Thank you!

Aileen Brown

Jun 19 2022

Another great tutorial from the greatest culinary master chef Serdar Yener, like all of his tutorials, this master explains everything to the finest detail and in the most calmest of manners, he is a pleasure to watch and to listen to, he makes you believe you CAN do it. I aspire one day to be as slick and produce such perfection as he does. So glad I found him. Well done . I would like to add the quick and professional service I received recently from Serkan Yener was second to none. Well done to you both.

... ... ...


Jun 15 2022

I purchased the Digger tutorial and thoroughly enjoyed watching how Chef Yenner created this cake. His techniques are unmatched by anyone I've watched create a carved cake. Thank you for sharing your talents!


Apr 14 2022

The tutorials are wonderful

gloria knowlton

Feb 21 2022

The knowledge and education Serdar teaches is just simply amazing. Makes it feel like you have the best teaching you. Just love it

Phyllis E Harrington

Jan 29 2022

I love all of your pros and your tutorials. They are great and your recipes I love them.

Charlene Anne Giuli

Jan 05 2022

Amazing tutorial, enjoyable and easy to folow.

Carina Addinall

Nov 29 2021

Excellent service, Excellent tutorials. Excellent Teacher.

Keyla Arteaga Loras

Oct 15 2021

Un very pleased with the lessons I purchased

Adelfa Uy

Aug 31 2021

Amazing work and the tutorials are concise and easy to follow. I am now a huge fan.

daisy kwok

Aug 05 2021

very detail instruction. thank you Mr Yener

marian d chisolm

Jul 28 2021

The tutorials are broken down the simplest terms, I love that you don't need to buy an expensive tool, a basic tool can be improvised.

Tadeáš Košťál

Jul 20 2021

Its very useful for me


Jul 15 2021

Absolutely amazing stuff created by this man! Onky attempted the digger cake so far and will be trying more for sure. Results weren't exactly what I wanted but this was due to my lack of experience rather than the lack of resources! Very clear instructive video tutorial, and clear diagrams in the pdf provided. Thank you!!


Jul 14 2021

I love Yeners Way. He’s one of the most skillful chefs I have seen. I am happy I found out about his website. I’m learning so much!


Jul 14 2021

Fantastic teacher

Vivian Wong

Feb 06 2021

amazing tutorial, easy to understand and follow with lots of detail explanation

Hanadi Asfour

Jan 26 2021


Stephen G Johnson

Jan 06 2021

Not yet started, but looking through the plans it looks like a challenge i'm looking forward to taking on

Cinzia leo

Dec 19 2020


Shelley Hadfield

Dec 08 2020

Excellent teacher. Responds to your e-mails within 24 hours.

Vicki Dowley

Dec 03 2020

Such a great detailed tutorial. Serdar is a great teacher, I love that they are all videos so I can pause, rewind to get the cake perfect. Really good value for money. Thank you Yeners Way

Clarissa D Brown

Nov 22 2020

Very high quality tutorials!!

Cheryl Kobashigawa

Sep 17 2020

I love his tutorials! Its like he's speaking directly to me. He doesn't rush through the steps, and the results are alway top notch! My customers love the cakes n I have made based on Yeners tutorials! Thank you!

mrs jean blasdell

Aug 16 2020

as with all mr yeners tutorials , makes it look so easy, he is a superstar