Jul 06, 2020

Up until my first order with my muscle chef, I'd been avoiding any kind of meal delivery service in my attempt to lose weight and get fitter. I believed they were all poor value and none seemed to have the kind of food I'd like. My muscle chef proved me totally wrong. Their meals are fantastic value and more importantly, they actually taste GOOD. They're delivered fresh not frozen, and the meals themselves last quite a long while in the fridge in their vacuum-type packaging. The serves are perfect and don't leave you feeling hungry. The delivery itself is great, the meals come in an insulated box with ice bricks so you don't have to be home to receive your order. Honestly, I couldn't rate my muscle chef higher and they'll be the only meal delivery service I order from now on.

Mat. K

Jun 29, 2020

I’m so impressed by the quality, variety and taste!! It’s helping me achieve my fitness/gym goals that I haven’t been able to do otherwise. So happy it exists! Thanks MyMuscleChef!

Hannah B

Jun 16, 2020

I love MMC meals! They’re all so tasty and fresh and leave you full but content. They make life so much easier for tracking calories and not having to cook and clean every week! Highly recommend


May 22, 2020

Decided to give MMC a go, Food is fresh, tasty and the variety is a plenty. Would recommend highly. 1st week lost 3.5KG and it’s been easy and enjoyable. Thank you MMC


May 12, 2020

Out of maybe 20 meals tried so far, I've found one/two average and wouldn't actively choose again. Pretty stoked with that! Great flavours - though may need a touch of salt and pepper sometimes. Love that everything is clear on the packaging and it's quitkc to heat up (usually more than the 1.5 mins recommended is required however). Will definitely continue ordering and recommend to everyone. We've tried some other companies, but they are incomparable.

Karen B

May 05, 2020

Discovered by accident this is Lovely food great variety. Also a very easy to navigate website and easy to order, i would recommend this service to anyone its a winner.

Kala P

May 04, 2020

A perfect way to get a balanced meal without the headaches of planning, more time instead doing what you do well and have the energy for it. Great value and taste.

Vicki W

Apr 30, 2020

Inventive, delicious and easy to unpack - these guys hit the spot. Good website too. Simples! I keep thinking I have found my favourite, then I find another one. We wanted to go vegetarian but have no idea in the kitchen, so this is helping us bridge the gap as we learn to cook our own. Maybe the meals are a teeny bit small, but we just add one side for the both of us and that works great.

Emmy M

Apr 20, 2020

Great packaged food that is delicious and filling. Have been using My Muscle Chef for a few months now and the meals look as they are shown in the online menu. There is a great nutritional info breakdown on all of the meals. The meals are convenient and the service is also pro.


Apr 11, 2020

First ordered received a day early bonus meal for next day, tasty and loved the protein proportion in the meals. Second order just delivered right on time keen to try the new flavours.

Emma J

Apr 05, 2020

We’ve been ordering on and off for a few months to cut down on food shopping/cooking time during the week and we love it! We haven’t had a bad meal yet, they have all been delicious. The delivery time options are great if you work full time because you can have it delivered overnight. Love it!

Sarah B

Mar 31, 2020

They are very filling and always taste amazing. I enjoy them so much as they are quick and easy when you have a busy life schedule. I have been purchasing these for a few months and the price is fantastic, I will happily live of the Burrito bowl any day of the week.

George E

Mar 20, 2020

Been using MMC for 4 weeks - i have loved the taste and the quality food has def made a difference in my lifts (i still work out hard but still I hit a plateau and this is the only thing i tweaked - diet). I'd def recommend for time poor folk and those who want to ensure they're eating healhy. I'd recommend going the muscle builder pack but then customising...once you have tried a few. some meals i like better than others.

name n

Mar 19, 2020

Wide range of delicious and super healthy meals, my boyfriend and I haven't cooked in months. Absolute lifesaver when moving house too. The digital experience is very well designed and easy to use, as well as a thoughtful delivery experience. Also love that there's a quite a few stockists in case we don't know what we feel like.


Mar 12, 2020

These Meals fill me up without compromising on size, taste or value. My Muscle Chef is one of the only meal companies that have absolutely nailed it... and I'm hard to impress. Delivery is always on time and impeccable. Always left with great food, great service and an even bigger smile :) !!!

Sean H

Mar 11, 2020

Delivery occurred smoothly, food is tasty and the macros are just fantastic. One of the best choices i have made for my fitness and health. At first i was intimidated by the price but it's really not that bad when you factor in the saving of your time and utility bill by ordering in bulk.


Feb 29, 2020

Meals are tasty, satisfying, and reasonably priced. Ingredients seem to be of good quality as well. However, I'm still skeptical towards the advertised protein and calorie number, especially the protein.


Feb 24, 2020

Food is of a great quality. Pretty good variety and helps me avoid eating bad food. Food is always packed really well and always reheats well. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Riccardo N

Feb 18, 2020

Great meals and outstanding taste. Having tried many companies prepared food previously, the variety and taste of the food is heads and shoulders above the rest. The best recommendation I can give is that we just ordered another 25 meals.


Feb 12, 2020

They were able to accommodate a request to change a re-delivery address after an incident that was not their fault (thunderstorm/water damage). Big portions, great food, delivery times are perfect.

Hansel D

Feb 09, 2020

So impressed with the quality of the food I am compelled to leave a review. I used to only opt for ready-meals when too I was too lazy to meal-prep for the week, knowing i'd suffer a little taste and quality wise. However My Muscle Chef has flipped that entirely, I now opt for this MMC's meals before even my own. Of course they are healthy, with ingredients, percentages of goods and bads clearly labelled. Feels honest, not hiding behind anything other than good, healthy convenient food.


Feb 06, 2020

I buy these meals from my local IGA, to keep in the freezer as quick meals. I have enjoyed several of them but was very disappointed with one, so I wrote to point out what I thought was a problem. They were prompt with their apologies, and offered some complimentary meals in recompense. Very impressed with their delivery arrangements as well.


Feb 02, 2020

When you think of these kind of meals the first thing that comes to mind is the word bland and expensive. Not these!! Great taste, great range of meals, great service.

Brenton M

Jan 24, 2020

Since May 2019, My Muscle Chef has greatly helped me maintain my nutrition goals by providing high-quality protein-rich meals in a really convenient way. Before MMC I'd struggle to find the time to properly food prep each week and correctly proportion out my meals. The meals are super tasty and I'm always looking forward to my next meal.

Grace H

Jan 23, 2020

My Muscle Chef has been a godsend for my nutrition and my pocket. I’ve always struggled with having time to meal prep properly during my work week vs. buying expensive lunches. Having fresh meals that are macro counted and ACTUALLY filling and tasty is the most important thing for me... so I love these. It’s a plus that the menu gets changed regularly too. At around $10 a pop, you can’t ask for a better lunch meal or dinner when you’re time poor. Get on the crumbed chicken or the cottage cheese!!


Jul 04, 2020

I have been using my muscle chef for the past 6 weeks & honestly I am blown away by how good the food is. I have weight trained and kickbox for years, their food goes hand in hand with my routine. They don’t compromise their quality for anything. I highly recommend them to anyone at looking at changing their nutrition or life. 5 stars all round for these guys- Jump on the Chipotle chicken it is sensational.


Jun 28, 2020

Awesome quality, selection, price, delivery window is within 2 hours and always accurate. Packaging is great and love I can scan the barcodes into my fitness app. Most of all, the meals are healthy and delicious! Wish I had tried them earlier.


Jun 08, 2020

Clean and tasty eating. Great value and always a treat to eat. Even the kids love the great taste. Can't wait to try more of the delicious range. So awesome.


May 22, 2020

Quiet delicious...perfect for ppl who struggle on meal size n healthy eatn me n my wife have em saves cookin great for shift workers and taste amazing honestly can't say I've had a bad meal so far have tried vegan vegetarian n meat one's all amazing

Rob C

May 07, 2020

I never write reviews and I'm constantly disappointed by AU businesses. HOWEVER, these guys do a phenomenal job from ordering process to delivery and even taste. I can't recommend this service highly enough. Get more time now! How much is your time worth? If you're anything like me, and you understand that time is more valuable than money, then MMC is for you! You see, it isn't even the time that it takes to cook food or order uber eats. It is all the THINKING TIME. Is it healthy? How long will it take? When should I start cooking? Honestly, I didn't realise how much of a burden thinking about food was.... eating had become a bottleneck in an otherwise streamlined, productive life. No compromises on taste MMC tastes awesome (much better than my own cooking) and even if you prefer their lower carb choices there is more than enough variety. Fair pricing Based on the time saved, that I can now dedicate to high value activities, MMC are basically giving me money. The prices are very fair and you can get a solid discount of 15% if you order 25+ meals.


May 04, 2020

We have been working from home like most of us during COVID19 restrictions and My Muscle Chef ready time eat meals is a great option. No fuss, heat and eat. Saves working time, grocery shopping and hassle of cleaning and washing dishes. There is wide range of options available to suit everyone. We just love it!

Lorna H

May 03, 2020

As a vegetarian, food can get a bit boring and time consuming. I could not be happier right about now. I ordered the vegan pack and was blown away at how yummmmmmmmyyyyy every single meal was. I literally get eat amazing food everyday at a great cost and won't go anywhere else. As a single mum, business owner and FT worker I have gotten so much time back in my day and have not compromised on my health or time with my bubba! Thanks guys - You rock!

Mark H

Apr 25, 2020

Both partner and I work full on jobs, and with everything going on we have not had time to prepare our meals like usual due to work and the kids. The meals are perfect for us to remain eating healthy without having to do meal prep. Good food and a big variety. Consistent and delivery always on time, no concerns or issues and have been ordering for 4 weeks now.


Apr 19, 2020

Nice meals, definitely worth selecting your own meals so that you don't end up avoiding eating those ones you don't like the sound of. These are definitely a much higher quality than any of the frozen meals you'll find at the supermarket though. We just placed our second order so we are satisfied.


Apr 09, 2020

They are sufficiently hearty for me, but as a growing lad my son tends to want more. I follow my own program based on previous experience when competing in amateur Natural Body Building


Apr 01, 2020

I regularly order MYMC now and have been doing so for 6months. I have tried other food services before and did not enjoy them. I can honestly say that I am in love with the meals by MYMC. The taste and flavour are absolutely delicious! I love the range and variety of meals!

Brendan B

Mar 31, 2020

You guys have helped me lose 28kg since September. I can't thank you enough for the meals to be tasty and filling and to reach my caloric goals. Without you and the training I've been doing I wouldn't be a better version of myself.

Stuart T

Mar 20, 2020

I've been using My Muscle Chef for about a year. They're reliable on delivery, quality, and portions. I'm really happy with the meals and choices. I keep note of my favourites, and reorder the same ones. I personally choose meals based upon which ingredients can freeze and thaw well, without impacting texture and taste. I do find that I have to supplement their meals with a side portion of vegetables, as my favourite choices are typically protein and grain only.


Mar 14, 2020

This is literally the only packaged food that I can eat. I've tried light n easy, fitness outcomes and a bunch of other brands and they are bland and don't have much range. My Muscle Chef is awesome and the food is delcious!


Mar 12, 2020

I'm able to order any meals I like. I love the range you guys have. And the option of having sides like extra veggies, rice, protein etc is super handy. It's also great having the option to order meals randomly without being stuck into a set ordering plan with specific meals etc. Would love to have a box collection option and the potential for less wastage (maybe leaving washed containers in box to be re-used).

Linn S

Mar 10, 2020

I love My Muscle Chef Meals. I Have tried a lot of different companies before and this is by far the best one! My favourite dish being the spaghetti bolognese and now also the salmon.


Feb 25, 2020

I've tried a few meal delivery services but nothing really seemed to meet my expectations - they were always too bland, too small or the food actually made you feel physically sick after eating it. I was so surprised at how tasy and filling the meals were, I love the variety and i was surprised at how good quality the food is. I usually never write reviews but I can genuinely say I love these meals and hope to be a longtime customer :)


Feb 24, 2020

The food is all very tasty. Would just love some more vegan options. Feel like i am eating the same thing all the time with only 10 dishes to chose from and i have 2 a day.


Feb 16, 2020

I am getting at least 3 meals out of one container! My mum has tried meals and loves them too!!! I will be subscribing to some of the other meal plans because it is so nice to get home from work and just heat up a yummy surprise So yummy thank you :)


Feb 11, 2020

yes, its really good quality and long expiry because of the packaging vacuum seal really good selection, just be better if they dropped delivery fee when you spend $200 But the food was great.

Matthew M

Feb 07, 2020

I keep coming back because of the ease, quality. and reasonable prices. I'd love to see the chicken and soba noodles back as it was my favourite! Also a really easy way to get your macros.


Feb 06, 2020

Fantastic service, great quality food, amazingly helpful support staff and excellent variety. Delivery to me out in a Victorian rural city is appreciated and the service is well thought out.


Feb 01, 2020

Now on my second order with Muscle Chef and I couldn't be happier. By far the best variety and taste on offer and I have enjoyed every single meal. Grilled Cottage Cheese and Falafel Chickpeas being my favourite. Please add more plant based snacks to the menu for a 6th star :)


Jan 24, 2020

Lunch at the office can't get better than this! Loving My Muscle Chef meals! It s so easy and is saving me so much time in meal prepping. Packed with flavour and always ready, whenever i need it!


Jan 23, 2020

The meals are pretty tasty and the ones with meat give you a good hefty portion of meat (most of the ones I ordered had meat in them) My partner and I decided to order the couples pack and most of the meals were pretty tasty give or take one or two which were sub par(everyone has different taste so I don't mind too much) A cheaper alternative to ordering food all the time, which I was a sucker for but having ready available foods that are tasty and easy to dish up is a god send. I would recommend for anyone strapped for time who wants a fresh meal. My only fault is that after a few of them I still do feel a bit hungry but I'll still continue to order these out of convenience.

karen d

Jul 04, 2020

had been using YouFoodz to try and do a bit of calorie control, while I enjoyed a lot of the dishes sometimes the meat tasted a little bit cheap. With My Muscle Chef I have found this not to be the case, and the taste of the meals have been far superior, and I have been really enjoying them! Very tasty! Trying to hit macros and increase protein has been a bit of a struggle before finding these meals, they feel filling and I can still calorie monitor. Really convenient on the go as well. Please note I cannot review customer service as I have been purchasing from the local supermarket. My only other comment would be, I'd like to see a shop available low calorie popcorn. I miss this from my YouFoodz delivery!

Hooman S

Jun 25, 2020

Immaculately packaged, with no sacrifice on quality, taste and is reasonably priced, these guys are on top of their game in their industry. Consider me a fan and unofficial promoter of Muscle Chef!

Drew S

May 28, 2020

Great range of meals, as far as value for money variety quality and taste my muscle chef is my first choice have not had a bad meal yet. All of them have been fresh clean and really enjoyable.

Konrad b

May 19, 2020

I have tried 12 other food preparation companies in the past 6 months and my muscle chef is far superior to all of them in terms of taste and food freshness!


May 06, 2020

Easy to order healthy tasty meals at a reasonable price and great variety to choose from! We have young children and my husband and I both work so it's a fantastic option for families that are time poor..


May 04, 2020

The best tasting ready made food in town and better still, it is portion controlled! There is a lot of variety to choose from and they take your feedback too!


May 01, 2020

Love these meals! Have been ordering from MMC sporadically for a few years now because it is so convenient and they fit my macros! I keep them in the freezer for those nights I cbf cooking. Thoroughly recommend!

keeley c

Apr 24, 2020

The food is very delicious, I got the vegan pack. At times I have added extra veg to fill me up more. But no complaints so far :) Definitely would recommend

Natalie A

Apr 19, 2020

First ordered during an F45 Challenge, and have ordered ever since. We were amazed at the freshness and the quality of each meal. The variety of choice is really great, and having finished the challenge, we have explored how we can use My Muscle Chef in our every day eating. Thank you for providing such an amazing service!

Mike R

Apr 09, 2020

I buy My Muscle Chef to be my weekday lunches whilst I am working from home. I look forward to each new meal and love the levels of flavour that My Muscle Chef provides. I'm sticking to my goals a lot easier and losing weight, but not feeling like I've been ripped off in the food department.

Michael P

Mar 31, 2020

I was sceptical of these types of services because the photos normally look good but surely the food cant always be good. I tried a few single serves from one of their stockists and it was really good. Would definitely recommend trying one.


Mar 28, 2020

I started with Muscle chef a couple weeks ago to cover my weekday meals. The meals taste great have a good variety and matched my requirements well. This a good option to rely on given the current environment.

Lucy S

Mar 19, 2020

As someone who loves cooking (I'm at the farmers market every weekend) buying ready made is a big deal for me, and these are the best! love the variety and value. It's really made a difference and I'm no longer tempted to just opt for uber eats knowing i've got something awesome sitting in the fridge.

Jumana S

Mar 14, 2020

Love their vegan meals delicious and high protein me and my husband are so happy. They answer you quickly if you have questions. Great easy delivery I am gonna make another order this week.


Mar 11, 2020

The food is well packed, fresh and tasty. Have tried other home food delivery companies but gave up as untasty or menu never changes. Thanks guys. Great job. JUST A THOUGHT: Collecting the box and foil insert on next delivery might save the company some money.

Ashleigh B

Mar 09, 2020

When I know my meals are going to be yummy, I am more likely to eat them and not give into the pressure at work to go get something from the takeaway shop. With MMC I feel I am eating way more food than I was when I was trying to meal prep and calorie control.

Words a

Feb 25, 2020

I was surprised about how tasty the vegan meals were. Not bland or boring. Really quite filling.I tried them last week and now I have reordered for this week. Thanks

Kaitlin M

Feb 21, 2020

Very tasty and helps a lot with meal prep for someone that is always active and on the go. Other meals that I have gotten don't test good after being reheated but these have to be the best I have eaten.

Stu R

Feb 15, 2020

Got my first delivery this morning and just had my first meal.Outstanding taste,pleasantly surprised.Looking forward to the week ahead of food.Freezer and fridge stocked up.Bought some of the snacks too and they're amazing.


Feb 10, 2020

Using My Muscle as a companion for the 8 week F45 challenge. Emailed customer service, their responses were timely and helpful, taking care to provide clear instructions and helpful updates.

Nicki H

Feb 06, 2020

Serving sizes were very satisfying ! Bought 16 meals for me during weight loss/gym campaign & all the family got into them. They were all very complimentary ...so I have ordered another 16 meals ! There are a few favourites already.


Feb 04, 2020

Highly recommend the dinner meals, tried a few now & they are fresh & tasty!! Great range & I like the fact the local IGA supermarkets stocks a great range as I wouldn’t order online!! Thank you.


Feb 01, 2020

Ahhh they were so good until they weren't. Don't get me wrong the meals themselves are great but not so much the service. I have a subscription with them and needed to skip a week because I was stocked up with meals already, so I went on the website and selected "skip order" for the next weeks order. Well, guess what they sent the meals anyway. They also delivered the meals to the wrong address, they took images as proof which is great accept they are so blurry I can't tell which house it is, so those meals will essentially be ruined before I can find them as they delivered them yesterday. I try calling and messaging them but no one responds, this is usual though, they are veryyyyyy slow at customer service, like one of the slowest I have ever dealt with, most live chat messages go unanswered and the only way I could actually contact them was on Facebook Messenger. You guys are going to have to refund me for this mess!

Ben G

Jan 24, 2020

meals are great and portion sizes are awesome for our die / lifestyle chaneg and the price is sustainable compared to other services out there. Kudos MyMuscleChef.com.au we are loving it so far.


Jan 22, 2020

An amazing product. Tastes incredible, wide selection, easy caloric management and helping a family get healthier. I hope that more people can discover MyMuscleChef and that they take over the prep meal industry because there's no one else quite like them.

Fahad A

Jun 30, 2020

well done the foods are delicious and I really like it for sure I will recommend it for everyone I know. It is healthy food and that what I am looking for.


Jun 19, 2020

Delicious vegan and vegetarian meals, packed with actual flavour AND healthy for u! I was hesitant to spend the money, but after my 1st order I'm going back for more! So convenient too, a minute and a half cook time!


May 25, 2020

I'm always skeptical of meal delivery services and find that most are tasteless and have the texture of cardboard, but Muscle Chef had me pleasantly surprised. The meals are fresh; not frozen, and they taste amazing. I usually struggle to enjoy falafel and seitan, but the Muscle Chef versions are so light and full of flavour. Delivery occurred on the day I booked, and I received a reminder text the day before, and once it had been delivered. Highly recommend.


May 14, 2020

The food was great, too healthy for my liking so i won't be continuing with my subscription but it's worth the try! A great company nonetheless from ordering (easy to navigate website), delivery, customer resolutions and taste! Deserving of business - they will look after customers the best they can and I really appreciate that. Thank-you Muscle Chef.

Courtney D

May 05, 2020

FINALLY, a healthy, delicious, real-tasting, ready-made meal alternative! 'My Muscle Chef' is undoubtedly the best ready-made food option comparative to everyone else who tries to deliver "fresh" and "tasty" ready-made meals. Of course no ready-made food is 100% fresh by the time it gets to you, but this is the closest you can possibly get. They vac seal their meals to ensure it stays as fresh, nutritious and their meat as tender as possible. This is the only company I know where their marketing actually meets what they're providing. Don't bother with You Foods etc, the meals are always far more appealing in their advertisements! Muscle Chef's prices are also super reasonable. Prices do vary depending on what you're choosing. A lot of our work staff eat Muscle Chef and so does my partner. We are all big fans. I have been blown away at some of the options. Some of my personal favourites are the beef lasagne, Asian stir-fry chicken, smokey beef-brisket, greek spiced lamb... just to name a few... These guys deserve every bit of credit for having a real crack at this type of food service/delivery.


May 04, 2020

Very professional, healthy and tasty. There’s nobody else in the market like them, My family and friends love them too. Great facility especially when you’re social distancing and can’t be bothered to cook healthy food.


Apr 30, 2020

The meal options available offer many varieties to keep the fussiest of eaters happy. Also looks after those with allergies. Glad to see meals Taylor made to look after all your nutrition needs

Marissa G

Apr 22, 2020

My Muscle Chef are the best ready made meals on the market. The portion sizes are great for the price and there are options to suit everyone. The build your own meal packs are also great! I like being able to order just veg or protein.

Lee C

Apr 14, 2020

I could bore you by boasting about muscle chef. but simply try this product and you won't look back. perfect meals for all shapes and sizes , perfectly balanced, affordable tasty and consistent


Apr 09, 2020

My Muscle Chef food tastes great and has great variety. It is very quick and convenient to prepare; heat in microwave then remove film and enjoy! Meals are loaded with protein and is a great meal-prep service for gym goers (or even the lazy). My favorites include Spaghetti Bolognaise, Asian Stir Fry, Smokey BBQ Beef Brisket and others. I would highly recommend. Meals are only around $10 each


Mar 31, 2020

Started using My Muscle Chef since I began WFH last week. First week was great the meals taste amazing and plenty of options to choose from as well. I still do some cooking on the couple times a week but love having a healthy option to fall back on. Favourite meal so far is the BBQ brisket.


Mar 28, 2020

Food tastes amazing, ready within a couple of minutes. Vast menu to choose from, all taste great! Had my delivery box stolen, they even replaced it for free! Amazing service, thank you so much!


Mar 19, 2020

I have been having this weekly for a month- I was initially sceptical that I would get tired of it, but the meals are delicious it’s impossible to get tired of them! The macros are so variable too so you can work out what you need. I didn’t feel hungry on the meals and have been able to stick to it (you don’t feel like your dieting at all). Highly recommend!!!

Angela C

Mar 13, 2020

I've had problems with another food delivery service before (severe food poisoning) but My Muscle Chef have been so amazing! The food is great, the portions leave you feeling full and satisfied, the packaging is really smart and keeps well. The delivery is impeccable too and they even knock! Super friendly service and again, really tasty meals. I couldn't recommend My Muscle Chef more! 10/10

Nick B

Mar 11, 2020

I have tried several of the meal delivery services out there and My Muscle Chef is the one I personally think is the best with variety, flavour and a great delivery service.

Lizzy W

Mar 02, 2020

Love these meals and the protein snacks are delicious. Makes healthy eating so easy and takes the hassle out of meal prep. I couldn't live without it. Love My Muscle Chef.


Feb 25, 2020

I manage my macros & eat food that is actually better than I would cook. The variety is amazing. I started with 1 meal a day but sometimes do 2! I like the cheap delivery too.

Bridie W

Feb 20, 2020

The options in the range are delicious, and quite varied, particularly compared to other meal services. We have found My Muscle Chef to be the tastiest and most convenient offer that we have tried! We find that the options are great value for money, considering how easy they are to prepare, and how varied the options are. The only (minor) negative could be that there are probably fewer dishes than we would prefer with a large amount of vegetables, however we understand many using this service are keen to keep carbs down and protein up- so for us this is easily fixed with some microwaved steam fresh veggies. If adding some extra veg to some dishes is the worst thing we can say, it's pretty amazing!


Feb 13, 2020

Just had our first meals they tasted really great and because they are fresh they are much better than the other frozen ones we have been eating. I am a diabetic and I can’t see any reason why these wouldn’t be ok for me. Looking forward to the other meals and won’t be going back to the other brand Extremely happy Jeff

Anthony B

Feb 10, 2020

I have tried many other pre cooked meals tailored for fitness and this product is by far more superior than the others. What I really like about my muscle chef is that they have plenty of delicious meals to suit your fitness goals. Even after frozen they still taste great. Other products in market after frozen dont match up to my muscle chefs meals. The variety is insane, weather if you need lo-carb, weight gain, weight loss or if you are vegan there is an option too. The option to have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly order makes it more convenient so I don’t have to worry about re-ordering. I will definitely stay on this as it helps me reach my goals. My muscle chef keep offering new things which keeps things exciting. The team at my muscle chef are very accommodating and friendly, which makes the experience so much better.


Feb 06, 2020

Couple of days in and have loved every meal Easy to keep in fridge and heat when needed. No more weekend food prep. Heat and eat. Doing the 8 week F45 challenge and to grab food to go makes it so easy Staff at my work love the smell when it’s heating. Have found customer service to be very helpful.


Feb 03, 2020

Great food, very filling portions and reasonable. So convenient to order, easy delivery, great packaging makes it easy to store in the fridge and heat up and eat. No mess.

Natalie J

Jan 31, 2020

The maintainable programs and delicous meals are always trusting. The user friendly website is simple with fantstic customer service. Delivery is fast, safe and promising. I look forward to each new week with My Muscle Chef - confidently providing me with postive results.


Jan 23, 2020

I’ve been eating these since August 2019 and they are convenient and a life saver when busy. The meals are consistently tasty and I’m yet to find a meal I did not enjoy. Being able to easily see the nutritional breakdown of each meal also helps me stay on track of my goals. My favourites would have to be the Smokey BBQ Brisket and Grilled Cottage Cheese.


Jan 22, 2020

I’ve used a few meal prep companies - some amazing and some terrible. I decided to try My Muscle Chef because of the hundreds of good reviews on this site, and I’m pleased to say that it lives up to the hype IMO. I’ve now had my second fortnightly delivery and will continue long term. You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries on the online portal. Fridge life of the meals is up to 2 weeks. Most importantly the meals are tasty, and the price point is just right for me. The website is fine, and the info provided there on each meal is clear, so I can compare & choose the dishes I like (eg. meal size and macronutrients are listed on the main page). I select all my meals individually rather than use a package option. There looks to be something for almost everyone - I’m low carb and there’s a good selection of meals that fit my requirements. Delivery has been great so far with lots of time slot options for where I live (Sydney fringe). Initially I was concerned that the meals would seem “too processed” for my liking - I usually prefer fairly plain proteins and crisp veggies/salads, but i find the taste really carries them over the line in terms of freshness and quality. Veggies aren’t overcooked and the packages heat up well. MMC have done really well with their offering so I hope it continues just as it is! Productreview admin, please edit out this part of my review if inappropriate - but here’s a code for $20 off first order - KQWZI7L2