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October 2018 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on October 22, 2018
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We’re excited to announce that our latest platform update is now live.

The October 2018 release introduces several new features aimed at helping you to gather more detailed feedback from your customers, better moderation control and new ways to automate your marketing campaigns.

Have an idea for a new feature or integration? click here to let us know.

Below is an overview of all updates in this release:

Custom Review Forms

This feature allows you to ask custom questions during the review process to gather detailed & personalized feedback from your customers. Custom Forms are based on tags assigned to products, this way you can create as many custom forms as you like, and capture specific detailed feedback over certain types of products.

We currently support the following types of custom questions:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Rating (1-5)
  • Fit
  • Free Text
  • Example: As a clothing company you may want to ask the customer "How well did the shirt fit?" with our Fit question type, allowing the customer to tell you exactly how it fit them: "Runs Small, Fits Great, Runs Big".

    To start using Custom Review Forms, click on: Product Reviews > Custom Review Forms


    To learn more about Custom Review Forms, check out our support guide.

    Moderation Redesign

    Our moderation pages have looked the same for the last few years, and needed a complete revamp to it's design & infrastructure. We're happy to announce that our new moderation pages are now live. We not only focused on the design aspect, but also on performance and new content customizations such as:

  • Review Tags (assign custom tags to reviews and search for reviews with tags)
  • Detailed Search & Filtering capability
  • Publish as Product Review or Company Review
  • Pending Requests now display within the Moderation area
  • trustspot-moderation

    Klaviyo Integration

    The Integration with Klaviyo, now allows you to build custom segments of review customers and also create automations for post-review communication. Today we send the following content events to Klaviyo:

  • New Company Review
  • New Product Review
  • Company Photo uploaded
  • Product Photo uploaded
  • Asked Product Question
  • Answered Product Question
  • To connect TrustSpot to your Klaviyo account, click on: Integrations > Klaviyo

    To learn more about the Klaviyo Integration, check out our support guide.

    Review Widget Settings (CSS Editor)

    We completely revamped our Review Widget settings page, now giving you greater control over the design of your Review Widget, including full Custom CSS control. Previously, CSS changes had to be made on your site directly, today they can be added into your TrustSpot account.

    We are also introducing several new enhancements including:

  • Widget Design Preview
  • Ability to Disable Review Sharing and Voting
  • Ability to control the size of the Category and Product inline stars
  • Display "Write a Review" link at the top of your product page
  • Display "Ask a Question" link at the top of your product page
  • To see all of the new changes, click on: Product Reviews > General Settings > Review Widget


    To learn more on how to customize the review widget, check out our support guide.

    Customize Q&A Answer Name

    This feature now allows you to customize the from name associated with all answers to questions. Currently all answer names show as your Company Name, today you can change that to any name you like, for example: "Store Owner" or "Product Expert"

    To customize this setting, click on: Product Reviews > General Settings > Product Q&A


    Menu Redesign

    In 2018, we've released dozens of new features which was causing our menus to become a bit cluttered. We took a step back and re-organized content based on sub-categories and also their usage. For example, Moderation pages are checked daily, whereas General Settings maybe once a month, so we wanted to push items that were used more to the top.

    Our goal is to transition all platform screens to this new menu by December 2018.


    Misc Improvements

    With every platform release, we not only focus on introducing new features but also improvements to existing items within the platform. Based on feedback, we're happy to detail out the miscellaneous improvements made to the platform in October.

    • Updated Google Shopping Feed format for name restrictions
    • Updated Star Content for Product Reviews to be CSS based
    • Updated Photo drop zone for uploads
    • Updated Product Q&A Answer Request & Response email customization

    Coming Soon for November

    Our November release will be focused on introducing new ways to communicate with customers, in addition to displaying content on your site. There are also a few new integrations we're looking forward to launching.

    Ryan Haidinger
    Ryan Haidinger

    Ryan is the co-founder & CEO of TrustSpot. When he’s not thinking of new features or testing marketing campaigns, you can find Ryan at the beach surfing.

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