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March 2019 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on March 4, 2019
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We're excited to announce that TrustSpot now offers Video Reviews. This is a large feature release, and all details are associated in Section 1.

This release also includes updates to Product Labels, and Misc Improvements which are indicated towards the end.

Table of Contents

Due to the size of this release, you can use the links below to skip to a specific section.

Section 1: Video Reviews

Section 2: Product Labels

Section 3: Misc Improvements

Video Reviews

Collect Videos with Reviews

At TrustSpot, our goal is to ensure customers can share their memorable and authentic experiences with your brand. A few years ago we introduced the ability to capture these experiences with Photos and through our Instagram Curation feature. Today, we're introducing the next chapter in our visual marketing platform with Videos.

With Videos, your customers can now showcase the value of your products to potential buyers throughout your site. Getting started with Video Collection only takes a few minutes. We look forward to seeing all of the great content you collect.

How to Enable

You can enable Video Reviews by going to: Product Reviews > Automatic Email Settings > Other Settings, and select the checkbox for "Allow customers to upload videos alongside their review."

Once enabled, the photo upload area will now update to include language around sharing a video.

To learn more about Video Reviews, check out our support guide

Display Videos in Carousels & Galleries

The Photo Carousel & Gallery have been updated to fully support videos. Simply select the checkbox "Show Review Videos" , and copy the new code to your site, and you're all set. As new videos are published, they will automatically appear within these display areas.


Moderate Video Content

When a customer uploads a video with their review, we will notify you via email with our new Video Notification. Within the moderation area, you will see the Video below the review (similar to Photos). By default, Videos are not published automatically which means you will simply need to click the "Publish" button, and you're all set.


Reward Customers with Video Coupons

With the introduction of videos, we are also updating our coupon system to allow for Video Coupons. Similar to Photos, when a customer uploads a video with a review - we will send them a coupon for doing so.

How to create a Video Coupon

Within Marketing > Coupons, select "Write a Review & uploading a video" to create this coupon. Next, be sure to update the thank you email for videos by going to Marketing > Thank you email.


Product Labels

Customize the Product Label for Reviews

Since TrustSpot's review platform is utilized by companies in various industries outside of eCommerce, we wanted to ensure that the term "Product Reviews" could be customized to match their business. For example, if you're a Mortgage company it would make more sense to show this label as "Loan Officer Reviews" instead of "Product Reviews".

You now have the ability to customize:

  • Products Label (singular): Product
  • Products Label (plural): Products
  • Product Reviews phrase: Product Reviews
  • Top Rated Products phrase: Top Rated Products

How to customize the Product Label

Within Account Settings (top right), click the General tab and scroll down to "Advanced Personalization". You will now see 4 text fields as indicated above, which you can customize.

Misc Improvements

Optimizations & Performance Improvements

For the February release, we focused on making improvements to the platform based on feedback collected from customers throughout the month. All related items are defined below:

  • Added the ability to create a Syndication ID from the Product create / edit screen.
  • Added the ability to see a review breakdown from the Google Shopping page.
  • [Performance Improvement] - Improved speed for large catalogs for the Product Groups page.
  • CSS fixes for Slide Tab.
  • Fixed issue with email notifications with custom domain.

Coming Soon for March

With the introduction of Videos today, we will continue to create new ways for customers to share their authentic experiences with your brand including from social media. We also believe that integrations into complimentary services such as Loyalty & Rewards, Email Marketing and Notifications, will allow prospective buyers & loyal customers to better interact with your brand. We're excited about all of the new integrations and platform updates for March.

Ryan Haidinger
Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the co-founder & CEO of TrustSpot. When he’s not thinking of new features or testing marketing campaigns, you can find Ryan at the beach surfing.

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