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TrustSpot In-Email Product Review Form

Easily collect customer reviews with TrustSpot's in-email review form

  • TrustSpot’s automatic feedback system automatically emails your customers after they’ve made a purchase on your site and asks leave to review your produce
  • When the customer receives an email all they need to do is tell us about their experience – no registration or other personal information is required making it easy to finish.
  • Reviews can be submitted directly from the email, allowing for maximum review submission rates
"TrustSpot has helped us gather independent feedback on our services which has in turn built up trust in our brand and increased sales."
GMT Travel Co

Visual Marketing

Allow customers to upload photos alongside their reviews. Images add so much to the legitimacy of the review, and helps build loyal, passionate fans around your brand. Post the photos to your company Facebook page with 1 click.
"Multimedia reviews really add a new level. It's really fun for customers to do, and helps them feel connected and part of a community around your brand."
Add photos to reviews
Add photos to reviews

Trust Tab

Increase your conversion rate. Display your glowing reviews directly to every site visitor with the Trust Tab. A clickable tab floats on the side of your site and when clicked, visitors are greeted with a modal popup displaying your reviews. Shows both company and product reviews.
"There's no easier way to instantly increase sales. The tab pays for itself in a day."

Product Review Widget

The TrustSpot widget appears at the bottom of all your individual product pages. It displays your great reviews to potential buyers, increasing the likelyhood of a sale. It's mobile responsive, crawlable user generated content (good for SEO), and comes with rich snippets to show gold stars directly in search engine results.
"Nothing increases your conversion rate like showing glowing reviews directly on your product page. All that user content is great for SEO and our products appear with stars in search results... it's fantastic."
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Widget Customization

Make the product review widget fit seemlessly into your site's design. You can even control the style and color of the stars.
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Community Q&A

Engaged visitors are more likely to buy, so connect with them directly right then and there on your product page with Q&A. Potential buyers can ask questions about a product directly on the product page. Other customers can answer, or you can answer questions yourself. This low friction, extremely easy interface will net you more sales. If a potential customer has a question, they would normally have to find your contact page, copy the email, go to their email, etc... it's time consuming, tedious, and many customers won't bother. TrustSpot Q&A is seamless and easy.
"Switching to TrustSpot looks like being one of the best decisions we've made. Their Customer Service is first class and combined with the reputation and integrity of their review systems, our future customers can be assured submitted reviews are both reliable and genuine. In our business that sort of integrity is vital to our success and maintaining our hard earned reputation."

Easily Moderate Customer Responses

Moderate your reviews and community Q&A with ease! Choose which items you want to publish, and which ones you don't. Q&A submissions all go through an email verification before appearing in your moderation queue to avoid spam.
“Without any exaggeration… TrustSpot has the best customer support I’ve ever seen.”
TrustSpot QA Moderation
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Combine With Company Reviews

Collect both product and company reviews at the same time. Simply configure the percentage ratio you want for each type... orders will trigger the appropriate request based on your settings. Company reviews can be displayed on your site in a variety of badges, carousels, and also appear as a tab on your main product review widget.

Integrate our eCommerce Apps in minutes

We have numerous extensions available that support product reviews and are adding more! Easily integrate our ecommerce app into your store and begin collecting reviews within minutes. Plugins will automatically trigger TrustSpot review request emails for your products. Many plugins will also automatically add the review widget to your product pages for you upon installation, as well as inline stars on product category pages.
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